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Cutie Pie

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Photos

My little princess. Taken at the TM3 BubbaQ 2011. An oldie but goodie photo.

Cuti Pie

The Boss

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Photos

When I do not have anybody to photograh, I just convince my wife to pose infront of the camera for me. It works every time. 🙂

Here she is without any make up. Love her.


Edge Park

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I’ve been slacking on here, I know. But I’m back. 🙂

My son plays soccer her on this very field.

Edge Park


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Alex, originally uploaded by optiklenz13.

My babycakes. This is an old picture, well a 3 month old picture. I just felt like revisiting and re-editing the picture.

She’s all grown up now.

Via Flickr:
Another old picture..

Attack Mode

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Attack Mode, originally uploaded by optiklenz13.

He’s going to be a Superstar.. I know he will. 🙂 Keep it up, buddy..


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It’s a lazy Sunday, chillin’ with the family at home doing nothing. Having fun, eating wings, lots of chocolates! Weather is nice for some shooting.

Shot from the Yard

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!