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Lana Alexis

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Photos
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We were pretty bored yesterday, went for a little walk. I had my camera with me and happened to take this snapshot of my little one. Well, she’s not really that little anymore. She recently started school and loves every minute of it. She even knows her bedtime now. When we’re out and it’s getting dark, she says “we better head home, it’s almost my bedtime!”. Isn’t that adorable? I kinda miss her buggin’ me when all I want is just chill and watch tv. Now, she’s asleep at that time of the night. She even does this during weekends, which is again, a plus for us as we can do chores while she and her brother are in la la land. 🙂

Hope you enjoy this photo of her.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone.



Little Princesses

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Photos

This was taken earlier this evening at Mayabella’s birthday party. As I’m posting this, we’re watching CBC news where they are showing the historical weddings of the royal family. It must be awesome to be an actual part of a royal family. Imagine the things that you can do if you are? The possibilities are endless!! It’s only just a dream!! Oh well, as long as I have my own little princess and my lovely family, there’s nothing I can ask for.

Cheers!! They are too cute. No worries, no problems, no nothing. Such innocent princesses!! 🙂

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